Jin Yong Jian Qi gas draw a few feet, the sly squat on the cliff.

This hall is not known to be made of any kind of material. The strength of the mountain could have been split, and there was no trace of silk.

Nanjing Night Net did not feel unexpected. The Grand Court of Lushan was known as Xu Xun and it was natural that the Tianshi refined things. His purpose is not to destroy the palace, but to let something hidden in the depths, to open a path for himself.

So he operated mana and swam again.


Several times more power than before, like the sun is shining, the call is covered with the entire wall. This time, with the effect, several clear sword marks appeared on the wall, instantly destroying the integrity of the mural.

Nanjing night nets kept moving and they were treated as targets for practice. A sword was attached to the sword. Facing the giant pillars and the stone walls, including the domes, they began to frantically clamor.

He does not believe that that thing will sit back and let the outsiders raging.


When he even smashed the twelve swords, he again gathered all the mana, and slashed the dragon. When the whole person turned into a round of red yang, finally… oh!

Immediately in front of the main hall, a stone gate opened suddenly and at the same time, the light was bright, and finally there were some normal buildings.


In his heart, he missed Jiangsu Night Net, and even the slot did not spit, stature flash, straight through the Shimen.

Outside the gate, there is still a black hall. The style is similar, but the difference is that the stone hall has channels on all sides and the space is suddenly open. I do not know where to go.

Nanjing Night Net had no direction at a time and had only to find out God’s knowledge and quickly find a plow.


There is also an infinity in the interior of Lushan Mountain. There is a stone hall next to them. Some are empty, some have a few padded mats, some still have chairs and tables, and there are pots and tables on the table. The atmosphere of life is full.

However, none of them are empty.

If there is anything else that can make him anxious, there is only Jiangsu Night Net. After looking for a long time, he still could not find any clues. When he was in anxious state, he suddenly looked at his face and his figure suddenly turned to the left.

“Gu Shishi!”

There was a figure hurriedly over there and met with great joy, but Shi Yun came.

“Stone Road, where are you from?” he asked.

“After I came into the mountain, I first passed through a dark area and encountered an illusion to stop the road. After I broke it, I arrived here.”

“Visible Jiangsu Night Network?”



Nanjing Night Net grinned and stabilised its state of mind and explained: “There is a space law in Lushan, which separates into a small world and does not interfere with each other. This should be the main area, and we are looking for Qi people to speak.”

As a result, the two continued to search. Not long afterwards, Lu Yuanqing and Bai Yunsheng also revealed their faces and suffered the same situation as Shi Yunlai.

They were also very surprised and asked, “Are Jiang Chushi still not coming out?”

“It should be still in fantasy.”

Ok? This is not good!

Lu Yuanqing knows the feelings of the two people and helps them to think and ask: “How did you all break the border?”

“I met myself who was hacked by kendo and killed it!” Bai Yunsheng said coldly.

“Similar to me.” Shi Yun came.

“The same is true for me. It’s all worth breaking, obeying falsehood, and making my heart more harmonious.”

Lu Yuanqing nodded, and said: “In this case, the method of breaking the mirror is like this. If it is an idea, it can be broken; if it is a person, kill it.”

Can you kill it?

Nanjing night net frowns, but the heart is helpless sigh, he completely imagined, Jiangsu Night Net is what is encountered.

He can kill Xiaoqiu and Xiaoyan without mercy because he knows it is false. Moreover, because that thing was wrong, it was thought that those were his subconscious desires.

But in Jiangsu Night Net, she…


Nanjing Night Net’s eyes were slightly open and they opened again. At this moment, there seemed to be countless thoughts passing through the brain. “This mountain is different, or ancient immortal, or a magic weapon left by ancient immortals. Spirituality. It can manipulate God Mountain. We find it important.”

“Ancient cents… Magic…”

“You don’t look for Jiang Jushi?”

The three people were shocked by a wave of information, but they did not respond.

“She was stuck in a phantasmagoria and couldn’t use it until she could come to her own understanding or…”

Nanjing Night Network voice meal, stand up and stand against the shade of dark stone dome, Lang said: “Predecessors, you open the door to the convenience, that is, we recognize the fate of five of us, can you mean the road?”


No one responds.

“Predecessors, you let us come in, but we don’t see each other. What does it mean?”


Still no one responds.

The nightmare in Nanjing was deep and deep, and then said: “I don’t know who you are. I only say that I have no time to play games with you. Either you show up, or I’ve done my best, but I also have to tear you down. mountain!”

“Ignorant junior, great tone!”

There was a reaction this time. I do not know where it came from and suddenly fell. Followed, “Oh!”

An extremely sharp whistle sounded in the ears of the four people. It was short and continuous and seemed to pierce the brain.

Lu Yuanqing and others looked frustrated and quickly resisted their efforts. However, this whistling sounded like an awl, easily piercing the protective film and drilling straight into the sea.


The trio had to sit down on the spot and fight for fate to ease the pain.

Nanjing Night Net is also surprised that this looks like a sonic attack in martial arts. However, it is similar to Separation Virtualization. It is a direct attack on the soul.

He is a man, ah, how many times the strength of the spirit is higher than innate, even if it can not withstand, also affected by it.

“Good skill!”

He flashed his body and displayed his skills of vanity, completely disappearing in the air. The physique is imaginary, the oracle knows the oracle, and the opponent’s offense is instantly clear.

He followed the source of the sound and quickly squatted to the front of a small hall. The brush suddenly appeared, Jianqi vertical and horizontal, and Jinyan rose.

“Oh, weird tricks!”

The voice was a little surprised, but it was not so flustered. The room had a huge atmosphere and it easily caught the sword.


Nanjing Night Net was really shocked. It was actually a layer of protection that was made by God. It blocked the Jian Qi.

If the other player, or what special exercises, he can accept a little. But this time, it is completely defended by God’s knowledge. How strong is the other person’s soul?

The shock at this moment is far beyond the level of the woman’s Droy. The difficulty is different.

“it is good!”

He was not brave and bravely striding forward and slammed a sword.

“You juniors, I don’t know where they are. You know where this is?”

“Less talk nonsense!”


“Good guy, I have mercy on you. You better stop it!”


Nanjing Night Net did not listen at all. It seemed to have lost its reason and caught the other man’s crazy output. In actual fact, he was worried about Jiangsu Night Net; second, he couldn’t meet his opponents and had no intention of fighting. Third, he had his own estimates.

The Lushan Mountain has been sinking for more than five hundred years. Even if the other party is an ancient fairy, the level cannot be too high. Otherwise, he will do things with his own strength. Which is still worthy of sacrifice?

What’s more, if the other party is really immortal and the stream of immortals, they are not good at what they say. Why are they as quiet as chickens early in the morning? Can they still fight back?


“You junior!”


“Okay, stop and stop!”

After both sides played for a long time, Nanjing Night Net Mana will have to do. The other party still has spare capacity, but in the face of this kind of crazy output, it simply cannot adapt and can’t help but stop.


Nanjing Night Net secretly rejoiced in suppressing the turmoil and said: “There was a lot of offense just now. It’s really compelling. Which is your predecessor? Please come and see.”

“Nanjing Night Net came out!”


“Nanjing Night Net, how is it inside?”

The person outside was like an ant on a hot pot. He saw him appearing and surrounded him in a panic. Nanjing Night Net should not be anything but to call Zhang Hongru and Jiang Chaofan to the side, whispered: “Fortunately, with a little bit of attention.”

“What is that fog in the end?” Zhang Hongru asked quickly.

“It should be the poison of peaches and peanuts. The peach trees here have been alienated and cannot be left for long.”

He paused and then said: “There are two ideas at the moment. One is to use large-scale bans and the other is to evacuate residents and empty the entire island.”

“Is there no other way?” Jiang Chaofan said, this doesn’t fly.

“Yes, yes, burn the fire down. There is a hundred, but do you really want to do this?” asked Nanjing Night Net.


The two men gave a glimpse of one another, then reacted and smiled.

Even if they dare to burn, they don’t necessarily agree. It’s simple: when you have a lot of food, you are certainly qualified to pick food; Will diarrhea.

From scratch, it means nothing. What’s wrong with drug addiction? Drug addiction is also a resource!


After a brief silence, Zhang Hongru asked: “If we evacuate, will it not continue to spread?”

“No, helium is born from peach blossoms, and it cannot be saved from the peach blossoms. You keep clearing the walls and cut off the peach trees on the banks of the river. You can trap the air on the island. In turn, you can also use a variety of peach trees. Link into one.”


Suddenly the two men flicked and looked at him half-jokingly and semi-seriously.

This is too dare to speak, this is what special production of large-scale biochemical weapons!

“Yes, you guys study it first. I have to adjust it.”

Nanjing Night Net squatted the next sentence and went to a peach tree not far away, sitting cross-legged and taking a close look. The two men were confused and each reported to their superiors and broke the crushed explanation. After all, the situation was serious.

Unconsciously, the sun is inclined.

There is a golden wave on the river, and there are ducks and little ducks.

Nanjing night nets adjusted their interest rates, and they had enough spiritual power to get up again. Zhang Hongru is full of grief and is waiting for the above resolution. He is very busy. “Nanjing Night Net, you are…”

“I thought of a way to see if I could collect a little…well, don’t look at me like this. I really don’t have a trick. I don’t know if I don’t.”

He ignored each other, entered the inside for the second time, and came to the depths to find a darker place to stop.

“I don’t know if I can’t, try it…”

Nanjing Night Net pulled out a small gourd from its pocket, green and dripping, about five centimeters tall, with a lid, and a crooked rattan.

This gourd was still harvested in the early autumn last year. At the time Grandma’s home was picked, she was using fungus to keep it warm. Because the quality is too ordinary, I didn’t want to make it into a musical instrument. However, it has been moistened for a long time and it is also extraordinary.

He sat under the tree, squeezed his fingers and removed the top cover, revealing a small gourd mouth.

Immediately afterwards, he used the law of the food-breathing method, which was also a variant of reiki, and soon turned into a pink thin line and went straight to the nose and mouth.

He also released God’s knowledge and forcibly manipulated the line. The thin line was dangling, fluttering, and very disobedient. Try it again, two times, three times… Well, for a long time, it only managed to hold a glimpse of it, and slowly gathered it into the gourd.

Just received one, Nanjing Night Net put a lid on the top, feel the poison inside, complete and complete, extremely active, and no signs of dissipating.

“Oh, really!” He grunted, slightly surprised.

I just whimper: I did not expect it to be true. With successful experience, the follow-up was easier. He concocted it in accordance with the law, and he even received two evil spirits. The gourd is too small to be full.

“Although it is less, it is enough for research.”

He got up and sat on the gourd with satisfaction. He was just about to leave and go. It was another meal.

The inexplicable crunchy and hot, it was born again from the lower abdomen and was stronger than the previous one. Almost instantaneously, he felt that his throat was dry, his tongue was sweet, and a violent applause took over him.


He was so shocked by his rare surprise that this effect could not be resisted!

He quickly fled away and went straight to the peach blossoms. He silently meditated and murmured, and the impulse slowly receded.

At the time when the arguments were getting flattered, before Nanjing Night Net, he said to Vice President Ho.

At the same time that Huang Guangyi went to the next manufacturer without stopping, Nanjing Night Net also entered the meeting room of the Pearl River Refrigerator Factory.

He did not come early. There were already quite a few people at the entrance. There are several people here who were actually Nanjing Ningwang.com’s past lives when they were rolling in the advertising industry. There were people who could hand in and there were bastards, but as a competitor in the industry, there was no interaction Too good to exist.

However, there have been shadowy pits and almost tearing their faces.

Only about two generations of people, the psychological field of vision is different, Nanjing Night Net’s vengeance is not so strong.

Penning is not on the scene.

It is a vice president who presides over.

“We have already studied the plans and quotations of several of your advertising companies. We shouted everyone today because Pan Zong is still not quite satisfied…” As Vice President spoke, he gazed at the audience and looked at all of you here. When I saw Nanjing Night Net, I made a mistake and shouted to the secretary beside me and whispered: “This is?”

“It was introduced by the relatives of Director Shao.” The secretary answered in a low voice.

“Relationship households?” Vice President heart doubts, while frowning, after all, the other party did not even submit proposals and quotations before, and take another high-level relationship.

What are the relationships? In fact, it can be said that the biggest advantage of Nanjing Night Net mobilizing the strength of deep college students is that he is now in the deep city and the surrounding area, and now there are relationships everywhere.

“Hello, what advertising company are you from?” asked the vice president.

“Three bodies.” Nanjing Night Network answered.

The vice president said that the advertisers at the same place almost simultaneously expressed confusion and thoughts. They have not heard what the three-party advertising company is. And is the person who sent it too young? !

“Did your boss not come?” Deputy always dissatisfied.

“I’m the boss,” said Nanjing Night Net, laughing, seriously: “We are an advertising company for a student at Shenzhen University. It was just established soon…”

The low laughter sounded.

The Vice President’s face was a bit ugly. He now has a royal palace dinner and asked people to perform. As a result, he came up with the feeling of applying for a broken stone on the street.

The people of the various advertising companies here inquired about each other, only inquiring about the campus promotion conference before that… that was a sensation, because the driving away of the qigong masters was indeed a sensation and seemed to be quite successful. Exhibitors rated it well.

However, after all, pediatrics.

“Yongsheng is going to do large-scale television commercials this time, young people.” One of the advertising company owners in the audience laughed loudly: “Do you have any experience in producing TV advertising? The venues? Distribution channels?”

Another burst of low-smiling laughter, most of them do not have much malice, but they feel that young students do not understand anything more.

Nanjing Night Net did not say a smile,

The vice president heard a slight cough and stabilized the situation. He is Penning’s family member. He knows the true purpose of this advertisement, but he can’t open it. It’s a little depressing.

During this period, the team leader headed by Penning was in fact very embarrassed.

As a township and township enterprise that has developed far beyond expectations, the Pearl River refrigerator factory is growing, but the company’s operating team does not have any equity. Therefore, Penning has repeatedly asked for relevant requirements, but the town government officials have chosen vague words.

At the same time, the ownership of the “Rongsheng” brand is owned by the town government – another fatal problem.

As a result, the township government arbitrarily authorized a large number of small town-owned enterprises to produce and sell various small home appliances through this brand, which seriously affected the reputation of the brand;

Secondly, this has increased the difficulty for Penning and his team to open their own doors in the future, because once that is done, they are likely to lose the brand they have run for many years.

In a word:

This large-scale TV advertising campaign has no problem on the surface, but in private, it is actually a pave for “conspiracy.”

However, it is difficult to do it. It must be quiet and unobtrusive.

None of the numerous advertising programs received before provided Panin with relevant ideas. Today, Pan Ning avoids suspicion. The vice president summoned the advertising company’s people to meet. In fact, there is an intention to try to imply.

Deputy Chief Name Ho.

“He Zongyi, I have a plan here. I don’t know if it’s not convenient to privately submit it to Pan to see it?”

At the time when the arguments were getting flattered, before Nanjing Night Net, he said to Vice President Ho.

The vice president looked up at him. His eyes were full of doubts: Are you kidding?

Everyone also saw him.

“It’s really ignorant, fearless, ah, when you, oh, what are you…” Someone at the table was finally dissatisfied and impatient with this impolite young man.

This guy is also considered to be one of the people in the previous pit, Nanjing Night Net turned to look at him, no polite, expression cold.

“Adventures with Nutrition Express are for our three-body shots.”

Nanjing sauna nodded silently.

When the two men finished washing their clothes and went to the restaurant for breakfast, they met the red who had already eaten at the entrance to the stairs, and had two children.

Nanjing Sauna did not want to see it.

“Jiang Zongzao, Zheng Zongzao.” Anhong took the initiative to greet, and then approached and calmly said: “Zheng Zheng, I have something to ask you for advice.”

Nanjing sauna nodded weakly and weakly, “You said.”

“I hope that the company can recruit a formal secretary, and then I can concentrate on doing other tasks, such as sending and receiving documents, answering and calling. These are ordinary clerk…”

“……it is good.”

“Thank you, Zheng, I will work hard.”

An Hong just walked past.

The sauna and other people in Nanjing walked away and took a glance at it. Turning back to watch Nanjing Night Network, said: “This is the meaning of drawing a clear boundary, right?”

Nanjing Night Nodding nodded and said: “It’s also a bit of a squeak. It’s quite practical and you can use it, but don’t let anyone else control you.”

Nanjing sauna nodded silently.

There was a plate of steamed buns on the table and a dish of red chili peppers.

There was a plate of steamed buns on the table and a dish of red chili peppers.

Liu Suru swallowed her hoe with a bit of difficulty and looked up at the old woman with an overcast face. He said, “Well, don’t give him a look. You know you’re wrong.”

Just yesterday, she gave her “rice bowl”. The cause was that the helper fellow, the husband of the shop owner, finally couldn’t stand it and moved her in the kitchen.

Good East woman hard gas, Liu Suru almost did not cut him.

In this way, the body was saved, but she lost her job. She sold the girl’s livelihood, and the other party made excuses for substitutions. They did not give them a husband and a wife.

“You’re wrong, you’re right.” The old woman took a bite from the hard bun who was left yesterday, and he couldn’t move. He sighed and said: “Is it not for you to make you look, that is to say, I don’t know how to live with you.”

“I can’t go back and I can’t go anywhere.” The old lady whispered: “Every old woman drags you down or you find a man…”

“The poisonous old woman, you are scared, and you deliberately gave it to you first, didn’t you?”

Liu Suru lowered his head and took a mouthful of noodles. He peeled off a hard scalp and handed it over to him. He changed his mother’s grim head and took a sip.

“Relax, in short, you won’t care about yours, you’re yours and you’re dead.”

Between the husband and the woman, the poisonous tongue mingled their mouths. Sudden warmth was not used to them. Therefore, they were all silent.

After a while, the old woman shook the jar and scraped it to the bottom. “No more.” She complained bitterly and said: “On your deprivation, take things to Han.”

“Well? You are very rare, you will send it.” Liu Suru shouted.

“Oh, you’re sending it away. You’re very cheeky, and you’re not scary.”

“Hey, you have a little white face. He is black.”

Both the husband and the wife were so excited that they knocked at the door.

Liu Suru got up and opened the door…

Nanjing Night Net itself does not think that there is any problem with this, and even he thinks this is normal.

The afternoon’s survey work was recommenced. Nanjing Night Net brought Zhao Sandun and Xie Xing both to help. Liu Jun’s new pregnant woman also came along, but was arranged to sit by honestly…

It is unclear whether Zhao Shangliu in her stomach is a man or a woman.

Only the last verification method was left. Nanjing Night Net and Zheng Xiaofeng decided to take a look at Huang Laotong’s village and ask for information. If not, he could only suspect that he had a system.

Facts prove that his choice is correct.

If Zhao Wuliang takes a look before taking a walk, inquire about it will probably not scare him later. Because there is another saying in the village, and this statement originates from the public security that had previously gone to the scene to investigate.

Huang Laoda died of a fish hitting a high voltage wire.

Nanjing Night Net finally got rid of its mentality. This is right. Compared to the death of the Thunder in February, the case of fishing rods touching the high voltage wires has been abounding. It is not mystery and bizarre.

However, this argument has not been generally accepted by the villagers.

First, how can the rod be conductive? In this era, the common people are still in contact with the bamboo poles. Subjectively, they think that this is not the right thing. Second, public security has not made direct statements and explanations to the people. This statement, that is, came from several people; Third, the newspapers all said that it was Thunder, and that it was just a heavy rain, and that newspaper was ah. Fourthly, the villagers, especially the old people in the village, were very willing to believe that this incident was a matter of thunder. In the village, Laotong is the most unfilial example.

Secretary Zheng is also not willing to believe that the specific mentality is difficult to say clearly, but he insists: “This is also a coincidence, but why is it Huang Latong?”

“Yeah, it’s just that kind of cleverness. The reason I think it’s clever, in fact, is that because of him, we only noticed it.” Nanjing Night Net explained: “It’s like one day you’ve been caught by bird droppings on your head. You will think why it is so clever, but in fact, many people in the world are caught in bird droppings every day.”

Nanjing Night Net itself does not think that there is any problem with this, and even he thinks this is normal.

Every day there are so many accidents happening in the world, but 99% of movies, television and drama with revenge as the main line, every enemy and enemy in the drama, will live well, and there is no accident. Waiting for the protagonist to revenge and fight… …that’s not reasonable.

In a normal and reasonable state, how do I have to occasionally come to a few times? Teenagers experienced hardships, miraculous miracles, and practice hard for eighteen years to clear the door… It was found that the enemy had already died.

Nanjing Night Net told him this logic with Zheng Yufeng.

Zheng Xiaofeng thought for a moment and thought it was reasonable.

Lao Zheng thought a bit. As for others, no one will explain it to them, and the media of this era will generally not admit it.

Just a few months later, there will be a Funan investor, surnamed Li, who first spent a million privately buying 150,000 shares of “Susanshan” and then privately engraving the seal of a “Zhengda Real Estate” company and sending a letter to “ The Shenzhen Special Zone News and the South Anhui Special Zone News reported that the company has successfully controlled the “Susan Mountain” and plans to restructure.

The two newspapers ignored the “letter of communication.” The next day, under the influence of major positive effects, Su Sanshan rose by 40%.

Waiting until the Shenzhen Stock Exchange found an anomaly and made a warning, Mr. Li had already sold his shares in batches and made profits to leave.

In this incident, the losses of the nation’s shareholders exceeded 20 million yuan, and they were locked in over 120 million yuan. However, Mr. Lee drifted away from the field and did not know what he was going through. The above two newspapers also did not bear any responsibility.

Therefore, do not expect the newspaper previously reported to have been killed by the Thunder to change, apologize and clarify.

Under such circumstances, things have become chaotic. Huang Laotong’s death has spread on the one hand, and on the other, it has become speculative and rumored.

Thunder, electric shock.

Artificial, self-inflicted.

If these are the kinds of things that will eventually come to fruition, Huang Laotong will create fake strips, harm people, spread things, and finally send his life.

Perhaps the truth is unclear, but it is particularly scary. At one time, superstitious fears or rational calm are not dare to touch the “jobs” he has done.

As for the teacups, a mudslide in the middle of the night has overwhelmed the blessings of most of the villages. There is a rustic village full of bright spots. As it rises like a miracle, it is producing more and more influence.

Nanjing Night Net heart said: I have blew you but also how?

Along the yellow side wall of Chanlin Temple, there is a tree height, ginkgo, bodhi, blue sandalwood, and seven leaves.

At the foot of Wen Shulan, Huang Jianghua, Myanmar Guilin and Di Yong Jin Lian, are still not flowering seasons. Professor Shi has his hands behind his back, and from time to time he bows his head to identify him. Professor Yan walks on his side, reaching out and holding his elbow, the old couple. Both slowly and side by side.

In fact, they are very curious and want to hear, but their own quality is determined, the old couple still politely choose to avoid.

“Do you believe it or not?” Finally, Prof. Yu did not hold back.

Professor Shi smiled bitterly. “To believe it, I always feel that it is incredible. But to say no, there is no way to explain it to myself, and coincidence is no coincidence. This coincidence is too great. And in the entire academic circle, people who believe in position Actually, I think there will be no reason at all.”

Professor Shi did not say an answer after all, but Prof. He nodded in agreement, because the fact is that it is impossible to tell.

“Then you don’t tell it.” For a different topic, Prof. Hee suddenly smiled kindly and said: “I watched this day, a ignorant girl, a deeply ignorant boy, together, really interesting It’s tight.”

Professor Shi nodded and said, “No, if you change a girl who thinks too much and wants more things than you really want, it will not go through in the future. I don’t understand you now, and I can’t figure it out. Far more than that, if you worry about it, you will get a rift.”

Professor Yan smiled and looked at his wife. He asked, “What about me?”

Suddenly the wife asked this question. Professor Shi quickly alerted and seriously said: “You are not the same, between you and I I listen to you, respect you, believe you, you are my blessing.”

As a stranger in the 20s and 30s, they experienced too much wind and rain together. The emotion has already become a tacit understanding. The two people seldom talk about this. This old man said with sincerity and emotion.

Prof. Que was satisfied. There was no verbal expression, and no fragrant reward was given. Only the hand resting on Mr. Elbow’s hand motioned, and he got into the arm and took hold.

“Old Stone, you live a long time.” After a while, Prof. Zhong settled and stared at a statue of Buddha. He discussed and said: “All these years, everyone said that between me and me, you are afraid of me. …but actually I can’t live without you.”

This is not only to say to his wife, but also to the Buddha.

Professor Shi of his eldest wife, nine years old, heard the news and said, “Take it easy. I said, “My body, Master Han has said, and I’ll try my best.”

“…The chaos before the Buddha.” When Professor Ruan was surprised, she noticed that the man suddenly changed skin, or because he was “infected by the youth” on this day, but in fact, she herself was not.

The old couple each smiled and slowly walked in the no-man’s ancient temple. During the two hundred years, countless monks and pilgrims crossed the stone path.

They are right.

The first pair is, this fact is too clever. Every day the Thunder dies in February, this is the chance of being small and small, but why people who have been strangled, or when Nanjing Night Net suddenly turns “places” there, it looks like it can’t help but actually has to be a “header.”

This is inexplicable with the odds.

The second pair is that Lin Yujing’s nature is precious for Nanjing Night Net. If this matter is to be exchanged for individuals, it may be a totally different kind of atmosphere, which is tense and terrible, and even panic and heavy due to excessive worry. Fortunately, Lin girl never thought so much.

Therefore, Mr. Zheng’s character is also very precious. He is the kind of person who can always manage his ideas and find new ways. In modern terms, he is very good at setting himself up and changing his role.

It was because of them that the matter was not severed, but it was in a strange state…not serious enough.

The feeling of Nanjing Night Net itself is like playing werewolf killings. It is obviously a civilian, but it is bursting, and then how to divide it and explain that it is not a wolf. No one believes.

“You believe in me, right? I am an ordinary person.” Secretary Zheng is definitely not a good idea. After all, he has experienced too much. Nanjing Night Net had to find support for Lin Yujing.

Zheng Yufeng followed him and said: “Eight baby, you don’t install it.”

Lin Yujing had already laughed and thought, but he couldn’t speak, but she could read the message from her look: I should believe that I should believe you, but this is really hard. After all, I am a straight girl…

“Then you talk about it, why did that person die by the Thunder?” She said finally.

why? Nanjing Night Net also wants to know, but I don’t know. After a pause, Nanjing Night Net decided to give up and deliberately point out a heavy nod, saying, “Yes, I tell the truth, Huang Laotong was the one who led the Thunder to death.”

If he said to him, he would say to the Professor Shi and the two old professors would treat it with prudence.

If Zhao Wuliang says, Zhao Wuliang won.

But Lin Yujing was just a little happy and said: “Then you cited me?”

Nanjing Night Net heart said: I have blew you but also how?

Looking up at the sky and clear skies, Nanjing Night Net decided to force it down. Zheng Ching asked, “Who?”

“Hey, must have a goal?” Zheng Xiaofeng shocked.

“Of course,” said Nanjing Night Net.

Secretary Zheng hesitated for a moment, probably thought of no enemy, approached and cautiously said a name: “Clinton.”

Mi Guogang just took office, not the new president of the full moon.

“…” was indeed the secretary. The patriotic youth, Nanjing Night Net was a bit upset and silent: “Do you think that the president of the country is so good?”

“So, CIA and FBI also have specific functions, right?”

Zheng Zhenfeng was serious and nervous. He suddenly became serious.

This point can’t really be blamed on him, because even when the Internet information is flooding, there are still many people who like to guess what kind of extraordinary creatures the leaders of the country’s personal protection are.

Not to mention now, only in 1993. “Jianghu” rumors that the Central State Intelligence Bureau of the State of the Republic of China has the “Star Gate Project” that specializes in specific functions. Japan has 1,000 cranes, the former Soviet Union has Shuner, and Britain has Chris…

The topic was finally taken for granted. Nanjing Night Net wanted to laugh, but tried hard to hold back and said: “Yes. And they have a special function organization…”


“Shenzhou shield bureau.”

“… so cow?” Zheng Xiaofeng thought for a second. “That’s what the Japanese benzene does? What, Prime Minister, it seems to be called Miyazawa.”

“…” Secretary Zheng is really dead in the enemy’s heart.

Nanjing Night Network did not answer, Zheng Xiaofeng himself took the initiative and said: “Japan benzene is also a master? Ninja?”

Nanjing Night Net borrowed a donkey from the slope and said: “In fact, it is an Onmyouji.”

“… is it so cow?” Zheng Xiaofeng was depressed. Some worried, “Do you have any?”

“There must be ah, and it is very powerful, called the dragon group.”

“…” Zheng Weifeng looked up at Nanjing Night Network.

“You want to ask me if I am a member of the Dragon Group, right? Yes, my code name, Dragon Dragon Seven.” Nanjing Night Net finally talks again and again, and couldn’t help but smile, smile face serious: “In front of Those are all what I said.”

Zheng Yufeng: “…Yunnan Night Net, your uncle.”

Throughout this entire process, Lin Yujing looked around and thought of Nanjing Night Net. By the way, Zheng Yufeng practiced the Golden Meditation in the bedroom and his paperwork…

It is no wonder that Nanjing Night Net said that Secretary Zheng is the strongest person in the world.

Nanjing Night Net was found, but Secretary Zheng did not break out. He saw four people at a glance.

“Take it honestly, did you have any adventures during the winter vacation before last year’s holiday?” This is Zheng Yifeng who calmed down all the way and thought about the way to meet and ask questions.

In a different era, this kind of thinking certainly does not exist, but this time, without saying qigong and specific functions, it is said that the popularity of martial arts, how many people still believe it is true, believe that there is internal strength, longing for adventures.

There are thousands of children who have left home to go to Shaolin Xueyijin.

Zheng Xiaofeng recalled for a long time, remembering that before his winter vacation last year, his roommates went hiking together. Nanjing Night Network seemed to have disappeared for more than ten minutes… Did he fall back to the cliff with Duan Yu and Zhang Wuji? What did he get?

Otherwise, what happened to him this year is totally unexplainable. A friend who is not familiar with it suddenly becomes inconceivable. If you don’t think about it, what else can you think?

Nanjing Night Net was found, but Secretary Zheng did not break out. He saw four people at a glance.

About Nanjing Night Nets, the qigong master Han Li’s identity, several people present at this time, Professor Shi’s old husband and wife, according to the last meeting to judge, believes that Lin Yujing does not know yet, and she does not know whether Zheng Xiaofeng knows or not; Yu Jing knew that Zheng Yufeng knew that Professor Shi and Professor Yu did not know; Zheng Yufeng thought that he knew him all the time.

“Lao Zheng, how did you come here?” At this time, Nanjing Night Network knew where it was, and he had already started to scare Zhao Moliang and saw that Zheng Zhengfeng was a little weird. He asked, “You are very strange. What’s wrong? ?”

I’m surprised, what’s wrong with me? Zheng Yufeng heard this, the qi did not come out, you are so shy to ask me how? It is difficult to say anything. Zheng Xiaofeng directly came over and spread the page on the newspaper in front of Nanjing Night Net.

“Bright… justice… tall.” Sitting down, he whispered in the less familiar Linzhou dialect.

Nanjing night nets somehow looked down at the newspaper, looked up, opened his mouth, and tongue-tied.

The individual died and was killed by the thunder. The villagers witnessed it with their own eyes. And so clever… This person who was strangled was called Huang Laotong.

“Is there a system?” The next reaction, Nanjing Night Network touched his body, desperately summoned in his mind … … “Yang Yongxin, you come out, Yongxin system, thunder and lightning King system … … are you there?”

The system ignores him.

“Zhao Sandun … bastard.” The second reaction, Nanjing Night Net wanted to find Zhao Sandun. He asked him whether this was done, but immediately reacted. If things were done by Sandun, he would never be able to The illusion of making a lightning strike.

It is completely unexplained.

As he was tangling this moment, Lin Yujing, Shi Shi, and Prof. Yu are all reading newspapers. These days, they reported on the hot tea. They have also seen and paid attention.

For a time, all four pairs of eyes stare straight at Nanjing night net face.

“That … … this, if I say, it does not matter with me, you will believe it?” Nanjing night net a bit stuttered, not confidently asked.

Professor Shi and Professor Qi did not respond. They are university professors, party members, and people who understand science. In other words, Professor Shi believes that the Nine Turning Golden Body function is to keep fit, thinking that Nanjing Night Net understands some ancient recipes, but for Lei This matter has always been skeptical… But now their materialist worldview is being shaken.

Lin Yu Jing thought: “Wow, it’s amazing.”

Zheng Yufeng looks at the situation and probably understands it. As everyone in the scene knows, there is no need to hide it. He asks: “Do you believe in yourself? Do you want to tell us that this is a coincidence?”

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net nodded.

Zheng Zhenfeng holds hands on his chest and looks at him. He said: “That is a coincidence.”

Prof. Shi and Prof. Kan looked at each other, got up, and walked away.

Lin Yujing studied for a while himself, suddenly looked up at the sky, raised his hand, and pointed out, “Nine days of Xuan Zha, turned into a thunder, Huang Tianwei…”

“You don’t miss me.”

The two people spoke in unison, one was Zheng Yufeng and the other was Nanjing Night Net.

Nanjing Night.com had finished talking about it and didn’t know why he was afraid.

Zheng Zhenfeng immediately turned to look at him, the eyes of the hearing officer, Holmes’s tone: “What are you afraid of?”

“I …” In the 1993 media, there may be no intention of jesting with the readers. Nanjing Night Network wanted to say, “But I haven’t read this recently.”

“You read it when you taught me last time.” Lin Yujing spoke, and said, “I’ve read it lately.”

Zheng Xiaofeng said: “I didn’t read it anyway. You both saw who did it.”

Impossible ah, Nanjing Night Net pitted more than a year to deceive, for the first time forced myself.

“You don’t worry first, I’m…”

When people were killed by thunder, it wasn’t no. When Nanjing Ningwang.com had seen the news in the mobile phone browser, it was also attracted by the “shocked” headline and read it.

The situation in the country and other countries is unclear. There are sporadic cases, but no concentrated reports have been reported. It is the statistics of the state-owned rice on the other side of the ocean, and the case of lightning strikes. In the first half of the 20th century, there were three or four hundred people each year. After the middle period, Less, but there are still about 30 or so a year.

At that time, watching the news, Nanjing Night Net was still curious about why 80 percent of the people who died in thunder were men. From the body structure, then what … it is not long in the head.

Because of this curiosity, let Nanjing Night Net still have a slight impression on the news.

Efforts and memories recalled and found a breakthrough point, Nanjing Night Net said: “That, I have seen a foreign report before. It is not uncommon for people and animals to be killed by thunder. ,most.”

“So you want to say that Huang Laotong fished and was killed by the Thunder, is a normal thing?” Zheng Yufeng asked.

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net has nothing else to say. This matter is very strange to himself.

“Do you believe it?” Zheng Yifeng turned to ask Lin Yujing.

Lin Yu Jing shook God and said: “I don’t know.”

“Then your boyfriend will lead mine. How do you feel?”

Thoughts? The Hollywood Marvels series has yet to come in. This kind of thing is analogous. It is difficult to concretize the imagination. Lin Yujing tried hard to think and finally found a corresponding image. Imagine it and say:

“There is a feeling of finding a gourd doll as a boyfriend.”

Lao Zheng did not go to Nanjing Night Net and went to the hotel restaurant to prepare for lunch.

Naturally, he is the Secretary of Zheng.

Zheng Xiaofeng used to sit down with ease, and these two days were fixed by Nanjing Night Net to get rid of the fire, and especially after the chatter yesterday, he began to pique and ignore this matter.

After sleeping all morning this morning, he got up and gasped. Lao Zheng did not go to Nanjing Night Net and went to the hotel restaurant to prepare for lunch.

There was a newspaper rack next to the table. He took two newspapers with him and looked over it, flipped it over, flipped it over… and the whole man froze.

“Mr. Cheng … Mr. Cheng … …. Do you need a la carte?”

For several minutes, the guest suddenly seemed to be dead. The waiter did not dare to explore his snort, but he approached and whispered in a respectful manner.

Zheng Xiaofeng looked at the newspaper in a sly manner and for a moment he murmured, “I’m going to make a point.”

The waiter choked, “Ray?”

“No.” Zheng Yifeng turned around, like talking to his friend and asked kindly: “Hey, do you believe that there are specific functions in the world?”

The topic change was too fast and the waiters did not pick up.

Zheng Xiaofeng did not wait for him to answer. When he got up and left the seat and missed his seat, he raised his hand and patted the shoulders of the waiters.

“That letter, maybe your mother will.”

Stepping out of two steps and reacting to this statement is misleading, Zheng Yifeng turned back and explained: “I mean, it doesn’t have to be your mother or your dad. In short, people around you, they may be …even if they told you they wouldn’t, you don’t believe it. Did you know?”

The waiters nodded.

Nanjing Night Net could not be found in the room. This guy usually did not like to bring Big Brother. Secretary Zheng asked someone to find out. He asked him to go out in the morning and went to a place called the Temple of Zen.

Lunch did not eat anymore. Zheng Yufeng ran straight to Zen Forest Temple… As for the mood, it was difficult to express.

In the matter of Huang Laodagong, the performance of Nanjing Night Net was indeed too strange. Suddenly it was said that there was no need to resort to such a thing as to take a street bastard and it was dragging. This was not Nanjing Night Net.

So, he actually thought it was simple and rude this time.

So what is the difference between Huang Laotong and others?

Yes, he is not filial piety, take the life of his relatives and sins to himself. According to ancient times, he should be thunderstruck.

In this way, all things, including Nanjing Night Net, have a reasonable explanation.

Nanjing Night Network, who is in Zen Temple, does not know this yet.

Zhao Wuliang was gone. This time, starting from Sheng Hai, he took people to look at Nanjing Night Network for almost ten days.

Ten days later, Nanjing Night Net didn’t notice anything. They didn’t know that they were tailed. They didn’t know that Zhao Wuliang had appeared. Of course, they didn’t know what their “false big disciples” had cut, what they had experienced, and how difficult it was. The path of fear.

About half a month later, Nanjing Nights.com, which had returned to the tea ceremony for some days, received an anonymous letter. The letter was sent to Hope School. There was no recipient name and no sender’s name.

There is only one newspaper in the letter.

Content in the newspaper:

One, nine turn gold body master Zhao Wuliang master uphold his life, withdraw from Qigong sector.

2. Before Master Zhao withdrew, he donated 1 million to Hope Project.

Third, like Master Han, Master Zhao has gone and disappeared.

After watching the newspaper at Nanjing Night Net, he was only aware that this letter was sent by Zhao Wuliang, but what happened in the end caused him to be silent for a long time and then he was willing to do so… Nanjing Night Net could not understand it completely.

However, Zhao Wuliang suddenly awakened, withdrew, and donated most of the money sent by Fake Qigong. Nanjing Night Net was still satisfied.

He thinks this is a good character.

There are more than 300,000 left in the body of Zhao Wanliang who donated 1 million. He returned home and his wife finally gave birth to a son.

When the child was full, he left his hometown with a family of six, crossed several provinces, and changed to a prefecture-level city that was not bustling.

Later, he also registered a wholesale department in the name of his wife, and he specialized in snacks, including tea and spicy strips.

Regarding Master Han, about his qigong career, and everything that happened in this year and many years, Zhao Wuliang was completely cut off and hidden. Apart from him, he still kept a paper book – it was the only original copy of the nine turn golden body.


Of course, at this time, Nanjing Night Network, who is in Zen Temple, does not know this yet.

After the monks left, the temple became completely deserted. The emotions of Nanjing Night Net were somewhat infected. Professor Shi and his wife Lin Yujing were also the same. They did not immediately start the next measurement, although today is the last day.

One person came in from the entrance to the hospital and had a newspaper in his hand…