At the time when the arguments were getting flattered, before Nanjing Night Net, he said to Vice President Ho.

At the same time that Huang Guangyi went to the next manufacturer without stopping, Nanjing Night Net also entered the meeting room of the Pearl River Refrigerator Factory.

He did not come early. There were already quite a few people at the entrance. There are several people here who were actually Nanjing’s past lives when they were rolling in the advertising industry. There were people who could hand in and there were bastards, but as a competitor in the industry, there was no interaction Too good to exist.

However, there have been shadowy pits and almost tearing their faces.

Only about two generations of people, the psychological field of vision is different, Nanjing Night Net’s vengeance is not so strong.

Penning is not on the scene.

It is a vice president who presides over.

“We have already studied the plans and quotations of several of your advertising companies. We shouted everyone today because Pan Zong is still not quite satisfied…” As Vice President spoke, he gazed at the audience and looked at all of you here. When I saw Nanjing Night Net, I made a mistake and shouted to the secretary beside me and whispered: “This is?”

“It was introduced by the relatives of Director Shao.” The secretary answered in a low voice.

“Relationship households?” Vice President heart doubts, while frowning, after all, the other party did not even submit proposals and quotations before, and take another high-level relationship.

What are the relationships? In fact, it can be said that the biggest advantage of Nanjing Night Net mobilizing the strength of deep college students is that he is now in the deep city and the surrounding area, and now there are relationships everywhere.

“Hello, what advertising company are you from?” asked the vice president.

“Three bodies.” Nanjing Night Network answered.

The vice president said that the advertisers at the same place almost simultaneously expressed confusion and thoughts. They have not heard what the three-party advertising company is. And is the person who sent it too young? !

“Did your boss not come?” Deputy always dissatisfied.

“I’m the boss,” said Nanjing Night Net, laughing, seriously: “We are an advertising company for a student at Shenzhen University. It was just established soon…”

The low laughter sounded.

The Vice President’s face was a bit ugly. He now has a royal palace dinner and asked people to perform. As a result, he came up with the feeling of applying for a broken stone on the street.

The people of the various advertising companies here inquired about each other, only inquiring about the campus promotion conference before that… that was a sensation, because the driving away of the qigong masters was indeed a sensation and seemed to be quite successful. Exhibitors rated it well.

However, after all, pediatrics.

“Yongsheng is going to do large-scale television commercials this time, young people.” One of the advertising company owners in the audience laughed loudly: “Do you have any experience in producing TV advertising? The venues? Distribution channels?”

Another burst of low-smiling laughter, most of them do not have much malice, but they feel that young students do not understand anything more.

Nanjing Night Net did not say a smile,

The vice president heard a slight cough and stabilized the situation. He is Penning’s family member. He knows the true purpose of this advertisement, but he can’t open it. It’s a little depressing.

During this period, the team leader headed by Penning was in fact very embarrassed.

As a township and township enterprise that has developed far beyond expectations, the Pearl River refrigerator factory is growing, but the company’s operating team does not have any equity. Therefore, Penning has repeatedly asked for relevant requirements, but the town government officials have chosen vague words.

At the same time, the ownership of the “Rongsheng” brand is owned by the town government – another fatal problem.

As a result, the township government arbitrarily authorized a large number of small town-owned enterprises to produce and sell various small home appliances through this brand, which seriously affected the reputation of the brand;

Secondly, this has increased the difficulty for Penning and his team to open their own doors in the future, because once that is done, they are likely to lose the brand they have run for many years.

In a word:

This large-scale TV advertising campaign has no problem on the surface, but in private, it is actually a pave for “conspiracy.”

However, it is difficult to do it. It must be quiet and unobtrusive.

None of the numerous advertising programs received before provided Panin with relevant ideas. Today, Pan Ning avoids suspicion. The vice president summoned the advertising company’s people to meet. In fact, there is an intention to try to imply.

Deputy Chief Name Ho.

“He Zongyi, I have a plan here. I don’t know if it’s not convenient to privately submit it to Pan to see it?”

At the time when the arguments were getting flattered, before Nanjing Night Net, he said to Vice President Ho.

The vice president looked up at him. His eyes were full of doubts: Are you kidding?

Everyone also saw him.

“It’s really ignorant, fearless, ah, when you, oh, what are you…” Someone at the table was finally dissatisfied and impatient with this impolite young man.

This guy is also considered to be one of the people in the previous pit, Nanjing Night Net turned to look at him, no polite, expression cold.

“Adventures with Nutrition Express are for our three-body shots.”

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