Nanjing sauna nodded silently.

When the two men finished washing their clothes and went to the restaurant for breakfast, they met the red who had already eaten at the entrance to the stairs, and had two children.

Nanjing Sauna did not want to see it.

“Jiang Zongzao, Zheng Zongzao.” Anhong took the initiative to greet, and then approached and calmly said: “Zheng Zheng, I have something to ask you for advice.”

Nanjing sauna nodded weakly and weakly, “You said.”

“I hope that the company can recruit a formal secretary, and then I can concentrate on doing other tasks, such as sending and receiving documents, answering and calling. These are ordinary clerk…”

“……it is good.”

“Thank you, Zheng, I will work hard.”

An Hong just walked past.

The sauna and other people in Nanjing walked away and took a glance at it. Turning back to watch Nanjing Night Network, said: “This is the meaning of drawing a clear boundary, right?”

Nanjing Night Nodding nodded and said: “It’s also a bit of a squeak. It’s quite practical and you can use it, but don’t let anyone else control you.”

Nanjing sauna nodded silently.

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