There was a plate of steamed buns on the table and a dish of red chili peppers.

There was a plate of steamed buns on the table and a dish of red chili peppers.

Liu Suru swallowed her hoe with a bit of difficulty and looked up at the old woman with an overcast face. He said, “Well, don’t give him a look. You know you’re wrong.”

Just yesterday, she gave her “rice bowl”. The cause was that the helper fellow, the husband of the shop owner, finally couldn’t stand it and moved her in the kitchen.

Good East woman hard gas, Liu Suru almost did not cut him.

In this way, the body was saved, but she lost her job. She sold the girl’s livelihood, and the other party made excuses for substitutions. They did not give them a husband and a wife.

“You’re wrong, you’re right.” The old woman took a bite from the hard bun who was left yesterday, and he couldn’t move. He sighed and said: “Is it not for you to make you look, that is to say, I don’t know how to live with you.”

“I can’t go back and I can’t go anywhere.” The old lady whispered: “Every old woman drags you down or you find a man…”

“The poisonous old woman, you are scared, and you deliberately gave it to you first, didn’t you?”

Liu Suru lowered his head and took a mouthful of noodles. He peeled off a hard scalp and handed it over to him. He changed his mother’s grim head and took a sip.

“Relax, in short, you won’t care about yours, you’re yours and you’re dead.”

Between the husband and the woman, the poisonous tongue mingled their mouths. Sudden warmth was not used to them. Therefore, they were all silent.

After a while, the old woman shook the jar and scraped it to the bottom. “No more.” She complained bitterly and said: “On your deprivation, take things to Han.”

“Well? You are very rare, you will send it.” Liu Suru shouted.

“Oh, you’re sending it away. You’re very cheeky, and you’re not scary.”

“Hey, you have a little white face. He is black.”

Both the husband and the wife were so excited that they knocked at the door.

Liu Suru got up and opened the door…

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