The front did not see it, and I saw Nanjing Night Net to eat it.

Zhao Wuliang came here at this time. The front did not see it, and I saw Nanjing Night Net to eat it.

Soon, he saw the monks come out again, cleaned up the dishes, and got tea.

Nanjing Night Net sitting at the table drinking tea.

“Master, what are we going to see?” asked a disciple.

Yeah, in the end, Zhao Wuliang himself is not so clear. His state of mind for Master Han Li has been very confusing during this period of time. It is really fake and false. It’s really a mess.

Yesterday, after Xiaowen and Xiao Huang came back to talk about it, he was afraid, but he still held a little hope that the two disciples were likely to be the same as themselves. Because of their inherent impressions, they looked at it and took the illusion as the truth.

However, this morning’s newspaper has confirmed the apprentice’s view. It was not only the two of them who saw it, but also the villagers’ witnesses on the scene. They saw it more clearly… Therefore, Huang Laotong was really killed by a sudden thunder.

It should be noted that Zhao Wuliang himself was once an extroverted qigong player, and he believed that it took satellites for several years to seek advice from artists, people who are eager to learn real skills, and who have developed special functions.

Do you believe it or not?

too difficult.

“Really… really, really?” Zhao Wuliang’s mind, when the scene of the small beach park in Shengsheng City resurfaced, he seemed to be back at the time.

“Han Li, Nanjing Night Net… Who the hell are you?” This is Zhao Wuliang’s final resignation.

Entangled, a disciple suddenly pointed to the temple below: “Look, what are those monks doing?”

Everyone heard reputation, and soon, all looked confused.

Because in the monastery below, the monks gradually walked out of the room carrying the large and small parcels, and then went to Nanjing Night Net to salute and nod their greetings before leaving.

Even the old beard with the long white beard is the same.

“The monks seem to have all gone…” said a disciple.

“Nonsense, we all watched.” Another disciple said: “The question is why they are going to go. If it is such a good temple, then don’t you?”

This question, asked the rest of the people are completely confused.

“Isn’t the temple being taken over?” Xiao-Huang said in a grimace.

Yes, everyone’s minds are wondering why the monks will not want temples, and they don’t even look dissatisfied with being forced to leave.

I heard that this temple is very efficacious and I heard that there is a monk in this monastery.

However, when Master Tai came here and had a meal, Xiao Gao’s monk immediately left the temple and he had to salute him before leaving.

This is not something that normal people can do…

“Master, let’s go.” Xiaowen was shocked for two days in a row and couldn’t hold back. He pleaded with his tears.

Zhao Wuliang is also crazy.

After brainstorming, he believes that if he ignores the warning and defrauds him, Master will find himself one day.

Finally, he said: “Go.”

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