Nanjing Night Network, who is in Zen Temple, does not know this yet.

Zhao Wuliang was gone. This time, starting from Sheng Hai, he took people to look at Nanjing Night Network for almost ten days.

Ten days later, Nanjing Night Net didn’t notice anything. They didn’t know that they were tailed. They didn’t know that Zhao Wuliang had appeared. Of course, they didn’t know what their “false big disciples” had cut, what they had experienced, and how difficult it was. The path of fear.

About half a month later, Nanjing, which had returned to the tea ceremony for some days, received an anonymous letter. The letter was sent to Hope School. There was no recipient name and no sender’s name.

There is only one newspaper in the letter.

Content in the newspaper:

One, nine turn gold body master Zhao Wuliang master uphold his life, withdraw from Qigong sector.

2. Before Master Zhao withdrew, he donated 1 million to Hope Project.

Third, like Master Han, Master Zhao has gone and disappeared.

After watching the newspaper at Nanjing Night Net, he was only aware that this letter was sent by Zhao Wuliang, but what happened in the end caused him to be silent for a long time and then he was willing to do so… Nanjing Night Net could not understand it completely.

However, Zhao Wuliang suddenly awakened, withdrew, and donated most of the money sent by Fake Qigong. Nanjing Night Net was still satisfied.

He thinks this is a good character.

There are more than 300,000 left in the body of Zhao Wanliang who donated 1 million. He returned home and his wife finally gave birth to a son.

When the child was full, he left his hometown with a family of six, crossed several provinces, and changed to a prefecture-level city that was not bustling.

Later, he also registered a wholesale department in the name of his wife, and he specialized in snacks, including tea and spicy strips.

Regarding Master Han, about his qigong career, and everything that happened in this year and many years, Zhao Wuliang was completely cut off and hidden. Apart from him, he still kept a paper book – it was the only original copy of the nine turn golden body.


Of course, at this time, Nanjing Night Network, who is in Zen Temple, does not know this yet.

After the monks left, the temple became completely deserted. The emotions of Nanjing Night Net were somewhat infected. Professor Shi and his wife Lin Yujing were also the same. They did not immediately start the next measurement, although today is the last day.

One person came in from the entrance to the hospital and had a newspaper in his hand…

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