Nanjing Night Net was found, but Secretary Zheng did not break out. He saw four people at a glance.

“Take it honestly, did you have any adventures during the winter vacation before last year’s holiday?” This is Zheng Yifeng who calmed down all the way and thought about the way to meet and ask questions.

In a different era, this kind of thinking certainly does not exist, but this time, without saying qigong and specific functions, it is said that the popularity of martial arts, how many people still believe it is true, believe that there is internal strength, longing for adventures.

There are thousands of children who have left home to go to Shaolin Xueyijin.

Zheng Xiaofeng recalled for a long time, remembering that before his winter vacation last year, his roommates went hiking together. Nanjing Night Network seemed to have disappeared for more than ten minutes… Did he fall back to the cliff with Duan Yu and Zhang Wuji? What did he get?

Otherwise, what happened to him this year is totally unexplainable. A friend who is not familiar with it suddenly becomes inconceivable. If you don’t think about it, what else can you think?

Nanjing Night Net was found, but Secretary Zheng did not break out. He saw four people at a glance.

About Nanjing Night Nets, the qigong master Han Li’s identity, several people present at this time, Professor Shi’s old husband and wife, according to the last meeting to judge, believes that Lin Yujing does not know yet, and she does not know whether Zheng Xiaofeng knows or not; Yu Jing knew that Zheng Yufeng knew that Professor Shi and Professor Yu did not know; Zheng Yufeng thought that he knew him all the time.

“Lao Zheng, how did you come here?” At this time, Nanjing Night Network knew where it was, and he had already started to scare Zhao Moliang and saw that Zheng Zhengfeng was a little weird. He asked, “You are very strange. What’s wrong? ?”

I’m surprised, what’s wrong with me? Zheng Yufeng heard this, the qi did not come out, you are so shy to ask me how? It is difficult to say anything. Zheng Xiaofeng directly came over and spread the page on the newspaper in front of Nanjing Night Net.

“Bright… justice… tall.” Sitting down, he whispered in the less familiar Linzhou dialect.

Nanjing night nets somehow looked down at the newspaper, looked up, opened his mouth, and tongue-tied.

The individual died and was killed by the thunder. The villagers witnessed it with their own eyes. And so clever… This person who was strangled was called Huang Laotong.

“Is there a system?” The next reaction, Nanjing Night Network touched his body, desperately summoned in his mind … … “Yang Yongxin, you come out, Yongxin system, thunder and lightning King system … … are you there?”

The system ignores him.

“Zhao Sandun … bastard.” The second reaction, Nanjing Night Net wanted to find Zhao Sandun. He asked him whether this was done, but immediately reacted. If things were done by Sandun, he would never be able to The illusion of making a lightning strike.

It is completely unexplained.

As he was tangling this moment, Lin Yujing, Shi Shi, and Prof. Yu are all reading newspapers. These days, they reported on the hot tea. They have also seen and paid attention.

For a time, all four pairs of eyes stare straight at Nanjing night net face.

“That … … this, if I say, it does not matter with me, you will believe it?” Nanjing night net a bit stuttered, not confidently asked.

Professor Shi and Professor Qi did not respond. They are university professors, party members, and people who understand science. In other words, Professor Shi believes that the Nine Turning Golden Body function is to keep fit, thinking that Nanjing Night Net understands some ancient recipes, but for Lei This matter has always been skeptical… But now their materialist worldview is being shaken.

Lin Yu Jing thought: “Wow, it’s amazing.”

Zheng Yufeng looks at the situation and probably understands it. As everyone in the scene knows, there is no need to hide it. He asks: “Do you believe in yourself? Do you want to tell us that this is a coincidence?”

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net nodded.

Zheng Zhenfeng holds hands on his chest and looks at him. He said: “That is a coincidence.”

Prof. Shi and Prof. Kan looked at each other, got up, and walked away.

Lin Yujing studied for a while himself, suddenly looked up at the sky, raised his hand, and pointed out, “Nine days of Xuan Zha, turned into a thunder, Huang Tianwei…”

“You don’t miss me.”

The two people spoke in unison, one was Zheng Yufeng and the other was Nanjing Night Net.

Nanjing had finished talking about it and didn’t know why he was afraid.

Zheng Zhenfeng immediately turned to look at him, the eyes of the hearing officer, Holmes’s tone: “What are you afraid of?”

“I …” In the 1993 media, there may be no intention of jesting with the readers. Nanjing Night Network wanted to say, “But I haven’t read this recently.”

“You read it when you taught me last time.” Lin Yujing spoke, and said, “I’ve read it lately.”

Zheng Xiaofeng said: “I didn’t read it anyway. You both saw who did it.”

Impossible ah, Nanjing Night Net pitted more than a year to deceive, for the first time forced myself.

“You don’t worry first, I’m…”

When people were killed by thunder, it wasn’t no. When Nanjing had seen the news in the mobile phone browser, it was also attracted by the “shocked” headline and read it.

The situation in the country and other countries is unclear. There are sporadic cases, but no concentrated reports have been reported. It is the statistics of the state-owned rice on the other side of the ocean, and the case of lightning strikes. In the first half of the 20th century, there were three or four hundred people each year. After the middle period, Less, but there are still about 30 or so a year.

At that time, watching the news, Nanjing Night Net was still curious about why 80 percent of the people who died in thunder were men. From the body structure, then what … it is not long in the head.

Because of this curiosity, let Nanjing Night Net still have a slight impression on the news.

Efforts and memories recalled and found a breakthrough point, Nanjing Night Net said: “That, I have seen a foreign report before. It is not uncommon for people and animals to be killed by thunder. ,most.”

“So you want to say that Huang Laotong fished and was killed by the Thunder, is a normal thing?” Zheng Yufeng asked.

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net has nothing else to say. This matter is very strange to himself.

“Do you believe it?” Zheng Yifeng turned to ask Lin Yujing.

Lin Yu Jing shook God and said: “I don’t know.”

“Then your boyfriend will lead mine. How do you feel?”

Thoughts? The Hollywood Marvels series has yet to come in. This kind of thing is analogous. It is difficult to concretize the imagination. Lin Yujing tried hard to think and finally found a corresponding image. Imagine it and say:

“There is a feeling of finding a gourd doll as a boyfriend.”

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