Nanjing Night Net itself does not think that there is any problem with this, and even he thinks this is normal.

The afternoon’s survey work was recommenced. Nanjing Night Net brought Zhao Sandun and Xie Xing both to help. Liu Jun’s new pregnant woman also came along, but was arranged to sit by honestly…

It is unclear whether Zhao Shangliu in her stomach is a man or a woman.

Only the last verification method was left. Nanjing Night Net and Zheng Xiaofeng decided to take a look at Huang Laotong’s village and ask for information. If not, he could only suspect that he had a system.

Facts prove that his choice is correct.

If Zhao Wuliang takes a look before taking a walk, inquire about it will probably not scare him later. Because there is another saying in the village, and this statement originates from the public security that had previously gone to the scene to investigate.

Huang Laoda died of a fish hitting a high voltage wire.

Nanjing Night Net finally got rid of its mentality. This is right. Compared to the death of the Thunder in February, the case of fishing rods touching the high voltage wires has been abounding. It is not mystery and bizarre.

However, this argument has not been generally accepted by the villagers.

First, how can the rod be conductive? In this era, the common people are still in contact with the bamboo poles. Subjectively, they think that this is not the right thing. Second, public security has not made direct statements and explanations to the people. This statement, that is, came from several people; Third, the newspapers all said that it was Thunder, and that it was just a heavy rain, and that newspaper was ah. Fourthly, the villagers, especially the old people in the village, were very willing to believe that this incident was a matter of thunder. In the village, Laotong is the most unfilial example.

Secretary Zheng is also not willing to believe that the specific mentality is difficult to say clearly, but he insists: “This is also a coincidence, but why is it Huang Latong?”

“Yeah, it’s just that kind of cleverness. The reason I think it’s clever, in fact, is that because of him, we only noticed it.” Nanjing Night Net explained: “It’s like one day you’ve been caught by bird droppings on your head. You will think why it is so clever, but in fact, many people in the world are caught in bird droppings every day.”

Nanjing Night Net itself does not think that there is any problem with this, and even he thinks this is normal.

Every day there are so many accidents happening in the world, but 99% of movies, television and drama with revenge as the main line, every enemy and enemy in the drama, will live well, and there is no accident. Waiting for the protagonist to revenge and fight… …that’s not reasonable.

In a normal and reasonable state, how do I have to occasionally come to a few times? Teenagers experienced hardships, miraculous miracles, and practice hard for eighteen years to clear the door… It was found that the enemy had already died.

Nanjing Night Net told him this logic with Zheng Yufeng.

Zheng Xiaofeng thought for a moment and thought it was reasonable.

Lao Zheng thought a bit. As for others, no one will explain it to them, and the media of this era will generally not admit it.

Just a few months later, there will be a Funan investor, surnamed Li, who first spent a million privately buying 150,000 shares of “Susanshan” and then privately engraving the seal of a “Zhengda Real Estate” company and sending a letter to “ The Shenzhen Special Zone News and the South Anhui Special Zone News reported that the company has successfully controlled the “Susan Mountain” and plans to restructure.

The two newspapers ignored the “letter of communication.” The next day, under the influence of major positive effects, Su Sanshan rose by 40%.

Waiting until the Shenzhen Stock Exchange found an anomaly and made a warning, Mr. Li had already sold his shares in batches and made profits to leave.

In this incident, the losses of the nation’s shareholders exceeded 20 million yuan, and they were locked in over 120 million yuan. However, Mr. Lee drifted away from the field and did not know what he was going through. The above two newspapers also did not bear any responsibility.

Therefore, do not expect the newspaper previously reported to have been killed by the Thunder to change, apologize and clarify.

Under such circumstances, things have become chaotic. Huang Laotong’s death has spread on the one hand, and on the other, it has become speculative and rumored.

Thunder, electric shock.

Artificial, self-inflicted.

If these are the kinds of things that will eventually come to fruition, Huang Laotong will create fake strips, harm people, spread things, and finally send his life.

Perhaps the truth is unclear, but it is particularly scary. At one time, superstitious fears or rational calm are not dare to touch the “jobs” he has done.

As for the teacups, a mudslide in the middle of the night has overwhelmed the blessings of most of the villages. There is a rustic village full of bright spots. As it rises like a miracle, it is producing more and more influence.

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