Nanjing Night Net heart said: I have blew you but also how?

Along the yellow side wall of Chanlin Temple, there is a tree height, ginkgo, bodhi, blue sandalwood, and seven leaves.

At the foot of Wen Shulan, Huang Jianghua, Myanmar Guilin and Di Yong Jin Lian, are still not flowering seasons. Professor Shi has his hands behind his back, and from time to time he bows his head to identify him. Professor Yan walks on his side, reaching out and holding his elbow, the old couple. Both slowly and side by side.

In fact, they are very curious and want to hear, but their own quality is determined, the old couple still politely choose to avoid.

“Do you believe it or not?” Finally, Prof. Yu did not hold back.

Professor Shi smiled bitterly. “To believe it, I always feel that it is incredible. But to say no, there is no way to explain it to myself, and coincidence is no coincidence. This coincidence is too great. And in the entire academic circle, people who believe in position Actually, I think there will be no reason at all.”

Professor Shi did not say an answer after all, but Prof. He nodded in agreement, because the fact is that it is impossible to tell.

“Then you don’t tell it.” For a different topic, Prof. Hee suddenly smiled kindly and said: “I watched this day, a ignorant girl, a deeply ignorant boy, together, really interesting It’s tight.”

Professor Shi nodded and said, “No, if you change a girl who thinks too much and wants more things than you really want, it will not go through in the future. I don’t understand you now, and I can’t figure it out. Far more than that, if you worry about it, you will get a rift.”

Professor Yan smiled and looked at his wife. He asked, “What about me?”

Suddenly the wife asked this question. Professor Shi quickly alerted and seriously said: “You are not the same, between you and I I listen to you, respect you, believe you, you are my blessing.”

As a stranger in the 20s and 30s, they experienced too much wind and rain together. The emotion has already become a tacit understanding. The two people seldom talk about this. This old man said with sincerity and emotion.

Prof. Que was satisfied. There was no verbal expression, and no fragrant reward was given. Only the hand resting on Mr. Elbow’s hand motioned, and he got into the arm and took hold.

“Old Stone, you live a long time.” After a while, Prof. Zhong settled and stared at a statue of Buddha. He discussed and said: “All these years, everyone said that between me and me, you are afraid of me. …but actually I can’t live without you.”

This is not only to say to his wife, but also to the Buddha.

Professor Shi of his eldest wife, nine years old, heard the news and said, “Take it easy. I said, “My body, Master Han has said, and I’ll try my best.”

“…The chaos before the Buddha.” When Professor Ruan was surprised, she noticed that the man suddenly changed skin, or because he was “infected by the youth” on this day, but in fact, she herself was not.

The old couple each smiled and slowly walked in the no-man’s ancient temple. During the two hundred years, countless monks and pilgrims crossed the stone path.

They are right.

The first pair is, this fact is too clever. Every day the Thunder dies in February, this is the chance of being small and small, but why people who have been strangled, or when Nanjing Night Net suddenly turns “places” there, it looks like it can’t help but actually has to be a “header.”

This is inexplicable with the odds.

The second pair is that Lin Yujing’s nature is precious for Nanjing Night Net. If this matter is to be exchanged for individuals, it may be a totally different kind of atmosphere, which is tense and terrible, and even panic and heavy due to excessive worry. Fortunately, Lin girl never thought so much.

Therefore, Mr. Zheng’s character is also very precious. He is the kind of person who can always manage his ideas and find new ways. In modern terms, he is very good at setting himself up and changing his role.

It was because of them that the matter was not severed, but it was in a strange state…not serious enough.

The feeling of Nanjing Night Net itself is like playing werewolf killings. It is obviously a civilian, but it is bursting, and then how to divide it and explain that it is not a wolf. No one believes.

“You believe in me, right? I am an ordinary person.” Secretary Zheng is definitely not a good idea. After all, he has experienced too much. Nanjing Night Net had to find support for Lin Yujing.

Zheng Yufeng followed him and said: “Eight baby, you don’t install it.”

Lin Yujing had already laughed and thought, but he couldn’t speak, but she could read the message from her look: I should believe that I should believe you, but this is really hard. After all, I am a straight girl…

“Then you talk about it, why did that person die by the Thunder?” She said finally.

why? Nanjing Night Net also wants to know, but I don’t know. After a pause, Nanjing Night Net decided to give up and deliberately point out a heavy nod, saying, “Yes, I tell the truth, Huang Laotong was the one who led the Thunder to death.”

If he said to him, he would say to the Professor Shi and the two old professors would treat it with prudence.

If Zhao Wuliang says, Zhao Wuliang won.

But Lin Yujing was just a little happy and said: “Then you cited me?”

Nanjing Night Net heart said: I have blew you but also how?

Looking up at the sky and clear skies, Nanjing Night Net decided to force it down. Zheng Ching asked, “Who?”

“Hey, must have a goal?” Zheng Xiaofeng shocked.

“Of course,” said Nanjing Night Net.

Secretary Zheng hesitated for a moment, probably thought of no enemy, approached and cautiously said a name: “Clinton.”

Mi Guogang just took office, not the new president of the full moon.

“…” was indeed the secretary. The patriotic youth, Nanjing Night Net was a bit upset and silent: “Do you think that the president of the country is so good?”

“So, CIA and FBI also have specific functions, right?”

Zheng Zhenfeng was serious and nervous. He suddenly became serious.

This point can’t really be blamed on him, because even when the Internet information is flooding, there are still many people who like to guess what kind of extraordinary creatures the leaders of the country’s personal protection are.

Not to mention now, only in 1993. “Jianghu” rumors that the Central State Intelligence Bureau of the State of the Republic of China has the “Star Gate Project” that specializes in specific functions. Japan has 1,000 cranes, the former Soviet Union has Shuner, and Britain has Chris…

The topic was finally taken for granted. Nanjing Night Net wanted to laugh, but tried hard to hold back and said: “Yes. And they have a special function organization…”


“Shenzhou shield bureau.”

“… so cow?” Zheng Xiaofeng thought for a second. “That’s what the Japanese benzene does? What, Prime Minister, it seems to be called Miyazawa.”

“…” Secretary Zheng is really dead in the enemy’s heart.

Nanjing Night Network did not answer, Zheng Xiaofeng himself took the initiative and said: “Japan benzene is also a master? Ninja?”

Nanjing Night Net borrowed a donkey from the slope and said: “In fact, it is an Onmyouji.”

“… is it so cow?” Zheng Xiaofeng was depressed. Some worried, “Do you have any?”

“There must be ah, and it is very powerful, called the dragon group.”

“…” Zheng Weifeng looked up at Nanjing Night Network.

“You want to ask me if I am a member of the Dragon Group, right? Yes, my code name, Dragon Dragon Seven.” Nanjing Night Net finally talks again and again, and couldn’t help but smile, smile face serious: “In front of Those are all what I said.”

Zheng Yufeng: “…Yunnan Night Net, your uncle.”

Throughout this entire process, Lin Yujing looked around and thought of Nanjing Night Net. By the way, Zheng Yufeng practiced the Golden Meditation in the bedroom and his paperwork…

It is no wonder that Nanjing Night Net said that Secretary Zheng is the strongest person in the world.

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