Lao Zheng did not go to Nanjing Night Net and went to the hotel restaurant to prepare for lunch.

Naturally, he is the Secretary of Zheng.

Zheng Xiaofeng used to sit down with ease, and these two days were fixed by Nanjing Night Net to get rid of the fire, and especially after the chatter yesterday, he began to pique and ignore this matter.

After sleeping all morning this morning, he got up and gasped. Lao Zheng did not go to Nanjing Night Net and went to the hotel restaurant to prepare for lunch.

There was a newspaper rack next to the table. He took two newspapers with him and looked over it, flipped it over, flipped it over… and the whole man froze.

“Mr. Cheng … Mr. Cheng … …. Do you need a la carte?”

For several minutes, the guest suddenly seemed to be dead. The waiter did not dare to explore his snort, but he approached and whispered in a respectful manner.

Zheng Xiaofeng looked at the newspaper in a sly manner and for a moment he murmured, “I’m going to make a point.”

The waiter choked, “Ray?”

“No.” Zheng Yifeng turned around, like talking to his friend and asked kindly: “Hey, do you believe that there are specific functions in the world?”

The topic change was too fast and the waiters did not pick up.

Zheng Xiaofeng did not wait for him to answer. When he got up and left the seat and missed his seat, he raised his hand and patted the shoulders of the waiters.

“That letter, maybe your mother will.”

Stepping out of two steps and reacting to this statement is misleading, Zheng Yifeng turned back and explained: “I mean, it doesn’t have to be your mother or your dad. In short, people around you, they may be …even if they told you they wouldn’t, you don’t believe it. Did you know?”

The waiters nodded.

Nanjing Night Net could not be found in the room. This guy usually did not like to bring Big Brother. Secretary Zheng asked someone to find out. He asked him to go out in the morning and went to a place called the Temple of Zen.

Lunch did not eat anymore. Zheng Yufeng ran straight to Zen Forest Temple… As for the mood, it was difficult to express.

In the matter of Huang Laodagong, the performance of Nanjing Night Net was indeed too strange. Suddenly it was said that there was no need to resort to such a thing as to take a street bastard and it was dragging. This was not Nanjing Night Net.

So, he actually thought it was simple and rude this time.

So what is the difference between Huang Laotong and others?

Yes, he is not filial piety, take the life of his relatives and sins to himself. According to ancient times, he should be thunderstruck.

In this way, all things, including Nanjing Night Net, have a reasonable explanation.

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